International Symposium on Black Europe 2015

Inside Black Europe:
Racial Configurations in the Post 9/11 Era (in Europe)


Date: 30 June 2015

Location: International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE),
Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL, Amsterdam (

This is the 6th annual international symposium organized as a component and extension of the summer school on Black Europe programme. Previous symposia were organized under the heading of Trajectories of Emancipation. These symposia benefited from insights of similar conferences and workshops at Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Germany organized by the Black European Studies (BEST) Network (2003-2006), Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris) organized by Ramon Grosfoguel and Eric Mielants (2004-2006) and Northwestern University (USA) organized by Darlene Clarke Hine and Trica Danielle Keaton (2006).

Since 9/11, the rise of anti-Islamic and Anti-Muslim racism, alongside new migrations resulting from the expansion of the European Union, have pushed concern about long-established anti-Black racism across Britain and Western Europe to the margins of political, policy and academic concern. Gender ideologies continue to fundamentally shape all these issues, women are increasingly larger numbers of migrants, settlers and asylum seekers, and are increasingly active as agents of social analysis, and in social movements. What is the nature of these new patterns of migration? How do we interpret the political preoccupation with Islam and Muslims, and its effects on the experiences of Blacks in Europe? What are the effects of the economic recession and austerity programs on Black people? How are Black people mobilizing to prevent their concerns being further marginalized?

The symposium participants will address the intricate, contradictory, and sometimes, antagonistic relations between anti-black racism, Islamophobia and new migration processes (and discourses and knowledge production around these issues) against the backdrop of globalization.